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Pentecost 9 Blog

Pastor Clay Schmit

What’s for Lunch?

Sometimes it is fun to take a look at our gospel stories from a unique perspective. For example, last Sunday we heard the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. What would it look like if we saw the story through the eyes of the boy who brought five barely loaves and two fish to the gathering?

He must have been overwhelmed by the size of the crowd; one small boy amidst five thousand people. Everyone there was clamoring to reach Jesus, to be healed by him and to hear him teach. Somehow, he was found near enough to the disciples that when they asked about feeding the throng, the boy’s small lunch came to their attention. Andrew asked the obvious question: But, what are a couple fish and fives loaves of bread among so many hungry people? Still, when Jesus reached out his hand, the boy gave away his food. It wasn’t quite fair. The one person out of the whole crowd wise enough to bring a lunch found himself giving it up. He could well be the one who ended up going hungry.

Imagine the astonished look on the boy’s face when he saw how Jesus’ blessing of the food had the effect of multiplying the amount. No matter how much bread was broken off, there was more to be had. Likewise, the fish. Even after providing for the entire crowd, the generous boy had more than enough to eat for himself. With a full belly, he must have delighted in seeing the disciples scurry about, gathering up the remainder. His parents must have been pleased when their son returned home with more food than he had left with.

The boy learned what all followers of the Master must learn. God gives us gifts to share. It need not be our concern how small or insignificant the gift is. God will make the most of what we bring and use it to fulfill the mission God has in mind for us. When the time comes, let us pray that we can be as quick to release our offerings so that God can multiply them for the nourishment of his church.

Pastor Clay