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Pentecost Blog I

What an exciting start to our Pentecost season this past Sunday. We had a baptism (a 9 year-old girl), a new member received (her mother), and first communion. The church was packed with friends and family of the first communion kids.

It was also the last offering of the season for the Bell Choir and the Trinity Choir. We gave them a rousing applause, both for their fine performances on Sunday, as well as for a year of wonderful work.

I was teased a bit about how long the service was. One person said, “If you would have had a wedding, you would have had it all on Sunday.” I enjoyed the joke, but also the reminder to keep an eye on how much can be squeezed into one service.

On the other hand, Pentecost is all about the coming of the Holy Spirit to enliven the church. Well, it was lively and enlivened here this past Sunday. The Spirit was clearly moving among us—just as on that first day of Pentecost. Now, as we enter this long season (about 6 months until Advent) our focus will be on looking for the signs of the activity of the Spirit in our midst. Please remember that we begin our new summer Wednesday night service this Wednesday at 6 pm. Just one more opportunity for the Spirit to speak to us and give us joy and peace. If you can’t make it on Sunday, I hope to see you on Wednesdays. A blessed Pentecost season to you all.

Pastor Clay Schmit

Thrivent Financial Members Can Help With Projects

Thrivent has an obligation to give a lot of its money back to communities and churches.  They have a new way of doing this through Thrivent Action Plans.  It’s very simple.  We apply for a $250 grant to help with an event at the church and, if approved, receive a gift card to use toward the event expenses.  We have up to 100 of these available to us – one for each Thrivent member at Trinity.  There is only one catch – we need to know who to approach to make application for these funds.  If you are willing for us to use your allotted Thrivent Action Plan dollars for church events, please contact the church office and we will put you on the list.