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We all lead busy lives. Our priorities show what is important to us. We seek enriching experiences that bring meaning to our lives. When planning your schedule, see what is available this week at Trinity.

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Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR)

LDR is currently responding to three different disasters in the United States: Hurricane Laura – the category 4 hurricane that hit Louisiana and parts of Texas, the California, Oregon, and Washington Wildfires that continue to destroy homes and communities, and the Midwest derecho that destroyed more than 10 million acres of crops.

In each situation, LDR is working with local synods and other social ministry organizations to assess damage and assist where needed. Assistance starts with finding temporary shelter and food and continues with long-term recovery of rebuilding homes and livelihoods. LDR stays and helps from beginning to end. They do not leave as soon as the emergency part of the disaster is over.

Please pray for those affected by these disasters. To contribute to LDR, please send a check directly to LDR, or write a check to Trinity, indicating Disaster Response in the Memo section, and Tammy in our office will forward the donations from our members and friends to LDR.

Global and Local Outreach Committee

Pentecost 15 blog

Pastor Clay Schmit

The Dumbest Line in All the Movies

This past Sunday, Peter asked Jesus an important question: How many times shall I forgive my neighbor? (Matthew18:21) He seems to be feeling a bit proud of himself because he then offers what he considers to be a generous answer: seven times. He has been walking with Jesus for a while now, learning from him, listening to his sermons and teachings. He thinks he has a good and generous answer figured out, one that Jesus would approve of. Surely, the Master would say to forgive more than once, even though that is all the law would require. But, Jesus would be far more gracious than that. Peter chooses the number seven as a generous and loving response to an erring neighbor.

But, Jesus surprises Peter once again. “Not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” Some Bibles translate the number as seven times seventy, or 490 times. In other words, Jesus is settling on a number—if Peter insists on it—that is far beyond ordinary calculation. In other words, “Peter, you always forgive: if you are keeping count of how many times you have forgiven, you are already doing it wrong. You should forgive your neighbor every time—and don’t worry about the numbers.”

Then, Jesus tells the parable of the servant who was forgiven by his master of a 10,000-talent debt. The servant then quickly deals harshly with someone who owed him merely a hundred denarii. The point here is the same.

I always find it amusing to see how beginning preachers deal with this parable. They do a bit of research on how much 10,000 talents would be in today’s money. What they discover is that it is a nearly incalculable amount. Something less than infinity, but far more than could ever be owed or paid or owned. Again, the point is that our debt against God is far more than we could ever calculate. Our sins our innumerable. But, God forgives us without keeping account—and so shall we do to our neighbors.

In my opinion, the dumbest line in any Hollywood movie of any time is from a film called “Love Story.” You might expect a film with a name like that to have something useful to teach about love. Here is the stupid line: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” I am pretty sure Jesus would find that as offensive as I do. Love means ALWAYS saying you’re sorry and working to forgive one another. When we confess our sins to God, we are saying “I’m sorry,” and we need to say it often. Fortunately, God never tires of hearing it and is always ready to forgive, no matter how often we err.

Thanks be to God.

Pastor Clay Schmit

Living Lutheran Magazine Subscription

Living Lutheran Magazine is the monthly magazine of the ELCA. It includes news, devotional articles, study guides and other useful information. If you would like to be added to Trinity’s 2021 renewal, now is the time. The group rate is $8.95. Please do not include your fee with your offering, please keep it separate and write a note with your payment that it is for your Living Lutheran Magazine Subscription. DEADLINE for the Trinity 2021 Group Subscription is November 1, 2020.

Thrivent Financial Members Can Help With Projects

Thrivent has an obligation to give a lot of its money back to communities and churches.  They have a new way of doing this through Thrivent Action Plans.  It’s very simple.  We apply for a $250 grant to help with an event at the church and, if approved, receive a gift card to use toward the event expenses.  We have up to 100 of these available to us – one for each Thrivent member at Trinity.  There is only one catch – we need to know who to approach to make application for these funds.  If you are willing for us to use your allotted Thrivent Action Plan dollars for church events, please contact the church office and we will put you on the list.