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We all lead busy lives. Our priorities show what is important to us. We seek enriching experiences that bring meaning to our lives. When planning your schedule, see what is available this week at Trinity.

There is always something happening here.

Thrivent Financial Members Can Help With Projects

Thrivent has an obligation to give a lot of its money back to communities and churches.  They have a new way of doing this through Thrivent Action Plans.  It’s very simple.  We apply for a $250 grant to help with an event at the church and, if approved, receive a gift card to use toward the event expenses.  We have up to 100 of these available to us – one for each Thrivent member at Trinity.  There is only one catch – we need to know who to approach to make application for these funds.  If you are willing for us to use your allotted Thrivent Action Plan dollars for church events, please contact the church office and we will put you on the list.

Summer Fun for School-Age Children

“Looking for something exciting for your school-age child for summer of 2018?”

“Why not enroll your child in Trinity Adventures or Adventures Jr. Programs?”

Our program includes exploration, academic, and fun filled activities; these well-organized activities will benefit your child’s learning experience in a safe and caring environment providing a sensational summer experience for your child.

Full Week—$192
32 or more hours per week

Part-Time/Full Day $48.00 per day
5 or more hours per day

Part-Time/Part Day $30.25
per day (up to 5 hours per day.)
No Minimum number of hours required per week.
Reservations required one week in advance for part-time participants.

All Rates Include
Meals, snacks and all activity fees.

Space is limited! Full weeks participants receive priority over part-time participants for space availability.

Contact Trinity Learning Center & Preschool and request a Registration Packet:
In person at center office
By phone 715-344-2227
By email: